My Friend's Place, a drop-in center for homeless youth on the streets in Hollywood, CA. These are three of the six scenes I had written for an MFP Open House event (attended by then L.A. mayor, A. Villaraigosa). These are performed by talented L.A. theater actors.

This project was originally an assignment in a UCLA film class (on directing) that I was taking. Our instructor asked us to pick a children's story and make a pictorial of it. I kept it simple. Presented pictures onscreen in class as I shared the story to the them. I later turned it into a pictorial short film adding the text and music.These  two wonderful actors are Melissa and Steve.

To sunscreen or not to sunscreen? Life's little moments.

Think back to the beginning of the 20th century and how incredibly new film was back then. We didn't even have sound. And, yet today, the early part of the 21st century, our technology is far beyond anything we could have imagined even twenty years ago. Is this a good thing? I think it can be, but the problem is with every new shiny toy or tool we are handed the more jaded we may become. Where will this land us as a society? People walking around staring at their phones (why? has someone just sent you a message/video/news that's earth shattering? most likely not). We're resembling zombies at this point. What has happened to human CONNECTION? Can't we look at our fellow human beings anymore? As for me, I'm looking for simplicity because that shiny new toy just doesn't hold my attention anymore. I'm not completely separated from our newer technology, just stepping back a bit. Decided to make a silent film in honor of the technology back in the 20 century, a time that I adore looking back on. Strictly as an observer of course (wasn't born till much later). I honor the old, but I do take advantage of the new (using digital and not actual film...easier and cheaper!). I'm not a complete simpleton.






A mother in a difficult situation. Caught between a rock and a hard place. Who can she turn to?


A Christmas scene featuring a homeless woman who has no hope and is barely surviving on the streets. A gentleman befriends her and they talk about the "reason for the season", Baby Jesus.

This scene is played by actors and was originally written for a Christmas Eve service. I wrote this to remind all of us that every single person on this earth matters to God.

Worked with Chinese brush  artist Nan Rae creating her online presence on Facebook and YouTube in the early years of social media.

If you're interested in this type of art, Nan is a wonderful person and teacher. You can connect with her at

TV-Theater is a term I came up with for this past project. These were filmed and performed for LB Community TV. The actors were well rehearsed before filming , however, because this is local TV there was not a lot of time allotted for cast and crew to film, hence, the actors pretty much performed these "live" with only the occasional stop if something went awry. These were filmed on VHS, not digital. One would say this is good training ground on so many levels of performing and creating. I have re-edited these to spruce them up a bit (pace, visual interest, etc).